Development and administration of the Collaboration Platform for Forests (CPF)

Σηματοδότηση μονοπατιών στον Ταϋγετο

The action regards to the development, maintenance, administration and continuous expansion of the Collaboration Platform for Forests (CPF), which will act as an information hub for the forest community and will enhance the sharing of knowledge and good practices among forest managers, research and policy makers. It will also serve as a tool for disseminating the results of the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process in relation to forests in Greece.

The platform will provide access to forest management knowledge, documentation, events and news. It will also include tools for communication amongst members. Most of the content will be open to the general public. Members will be able to submit content and assign certain rights for its reuse by selecting the appropriate Creative Commons license.

Content update and upload will be under the supervision of an administrator, who will be a temporary civil servant of the Directorate General for the Development and Protection of Forests and Rural Environment. After the end of the project, the role of the platform’s administration will be assigned to a permanent civil servant of the DGDPFRE.