ForestLife project starts its online presence

The website of the project ForestLife: Builidng cooperation, development of skills and exchange of knowledge in forests of the Natura 2000 network in Greece, commenced its presence in the web address There, you will be able to gather information on the project objectives, its actions and contributors and maintain a constant newsfeed on news, procurements and events. In the section Forest News, you will be able to find news from third parties, which fall within the project’s areas of interest.

Moreover, project deliverables will be available for download. The application for smart devices ForestLife will be available for download after its completion by the end of 2017. The site will provide an interconnection to the online Collaborative Platform for Forests, which will be ready at the same time.

Through a simple and easy to use procedure, you will be able to subscribe to project newsletters, which will be released every four months. Finally, through the website, you will be able to follow the project’s account on Facebook and Twitter, making the news on the project’s activities even easier. Using the hashtag #ForestLifeProject on both social media, you will be able to follow the relevant to the project newsfeed.