Needs assessment and platform design

The assessment of needs aims to identify the current and desired capacity of the forest community, regarding to knowledge, skills,...
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Σηματοδότηση μονοπατιών στον Ταϋγετο 

Development and administration of the Collaboration Platform for Forests (CPF)

The action regards to the development, maintenance, administration and continuous expansion of the Collaboration Platform for Forests (CPF), which will...
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Καστανιά - Τύπος οικοτόπου 9260 

Development of tools for forest managers related to tourism and reduction of human disturbance

The action regards to the developent of an interactive application (App) named “ForestLife” for smartphones and tablets, which will be...
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Μεταφορά ξυλείας στη Ροδόπη 

Knowledge sharing through training

The action regards to the implementation of a training program addressing a series of topics relating to the Mediterranean Biogeographical...
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Δάσος αριάς στο Άγιο Όρος - Τύπος οικοτόπου 9340 

Monitoring of project impact

The action regards to the assessment of the project’s impact and will be implemented in three stages. The first involves...
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Μονοπάτι αναψυχής στη Ροδόπη 

Communication and dissemination of the project and its results

This group of actions regards to the communication and dissemination of the project’s results and includes the production and distribution...
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