Collaborative Platform for Forests (CPF)

Collaborative Platform for Forests (CPF)

Διαδικτυακή Πλατφόρμα Συνεργασίας για τα Δάση

The Collaborative Platform for Forests (CPF) constitutes an information hub for the Greek forest community, aiming at encouraging policy makers, forest civil servants, management bodies of protected areas and forestry scientists to share their experiences on best practices in forest management within the Natura 2000 European network of protected areas, establishing and building cooperation. Furthermore, it will act as a tool for disseminating the results of the Biogeographical Seminar for forest management in the areas within the Natura 2000.

The Platform provides access to information material, legislation, nature policies, national reports, guidelines for forest management, studies, maps etc. It also integrates an interactive forest map. Furthermore, it informs about forthcoming events, calls for cooperation and forestry-related news (imminent threats, progress of actions, projects results).

It also incorporates modern interactive tools, which facilitate communication among the platform members, such as a researchers database and a discussion forum, promoting the exchange of opinions and formulation of forest policies and establishment of priorities on forest conservation and management, through synergies.

Most of the digital content will be open to the public. The interactive services are available to registered members and on some occasions, (e.g. sensitive scientific material, certain forum discussions), access will be restricted to specific user groups.

Access to the Platform is possible to all professionals active in the forest environment, policy makers, forest civil servants, management bodies personnel, forestry researchers, as well as the general public.

Collaborative Platform for Forests (CPF)

Platform members are able to contribute content, either by sending material to be published or by repositing material in the Platform’s library. In the latter case, intellectual rights are sustained, and the users will be able to determine the terms of access and conditions for reuse by selecting the appropriate license.

Members may create and edit the profile of their organization, submit their résumé and sign up on specific groups in the discussion forum. Personalization of the platform is possible, so as to receive notifications about the progress of discussions and new posts about topics of interest.

The design of the Collaborative Platform for Forests has been implemented by the Greek Biotope-Wetland Centre (EKBY), in collaboration with the Directorate General of Forests and Forest Environment (DGFFE) of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The operation and administration of the Platform is done by the DGFFE.

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